Lead management

  • Collect leads from various sources.
  • Record contact details, vehicle of interest specification and current vehicle information including information about potential trade-in.
  • Follow-up a lead to asses customer needs.
  • Assign a lead to responsible salesperson to qualify it, disqualify it or postpone it for the future.
  • Measure response time to new incoming leads and receive escalations for long time pending new leads.
  • Use historical data in  your database to generate loyalty leads.
  • Analyze structure and sources of incoming leads to manage you marketing strateg

Opportunity management

  • Nurture your potential customers using tools of opportunities.
  • Search a vehicle fulfilling customer‘s requirements. Reserve the candidate vehicle for a customer.
  • Book a test drive.
  • Postpone an Opportunity to the future in case a customer is not ready for the deal at the moment.   
  • Keep track, manage and evaluate sales pipeline. Use your pipeline to forecast your revenue.
  • Use database of lost opportunities to generate new leads in the future.

Sales contract management

  • Follow-up won Opportunities as Sales Contracts.
  • Plan and perform vehicle handover. Record real vehicle handover date.
  • Record details of vehicle financing.
  • Record expected vehicle replacement date and let the system remind you the righ time to initation new sales proces.
  • Update data in vehicle database so it can be used for marketing purposes afterwards.

360°view on customers

  • Review personal details about a contact, including hobbies, driving license details etc.
  • Check relations of a contact to companies and other contacts.
  • Check vehicles used or owned by a contact, including previous vehicles.
  • See details of performed and planned activities presented in interactive Timeline section.
  • Follow-up currently open and previously closed opportunities.
  • Investigate history of sales and service transactions.
  • Learn which marketing activities a contact has been involved in.

Vehicle search

  • Apply various search conditions to find a vehicle fulfilling needs of a customer. Search by model specification, availability, status, price range, color, included options etc.
  • Check detailed specification of selected vehicle including configuration options.
  • Create new lead or opportunity for a selected vehicle.
  • Reserve selected vehicle for a customer or and opportunity. Enqueue a reservation in case of pending reservations already exist.
  • Create binding reservation of vehicle to indicate that a vehicle is not available for sale any more.

Test drives management

  • Find a desired vehicle and acceptable time slot in a calendar to book a test drive.
  • Collect details required for the vehicle handover and printout documentation for the signature.
  • Record final status of a vehicle after return and plan test drive follow-up.
  • Manage also courtesy rentals and long term rentals in the same environment.

Trade-in handling

  • Collect information about potential vehicle trade-ins.
  • Record evaluation of vehicle status and specify evaluated price and price offered to a customer.
  • Keep track of business discussions with the customer and stage of trade-in process.
  • Print the purchase contract to finalize the trade-in process.

Analytics and reporting

  • Reminders of new leads, neglected leads, contact birthdays.
  • Sales pipeline and sales funnel analysis.
  • Forecasting of estimated revenue.
  • Analysis and controlling of salespersons‘ activities.
  • Analysis of lead structure, lead sources and conversion rate.