Vehicle dealers are facing a substantial change in their sales model. Today‘s buyers are very demanding about service quality and strong competition in the market gives them the flexibility to choose from many different options. They want to use various communication channels and they expect instant responses to their inquiries that reflect the complete relationship that includes previous vehicle purchases, services and other interactions. At the same time, the salespersons are overloaded with many communication streams and administrative tasks. They often lose focus on the right topics and forget to take care of their customers, which could lead to the loss of business.


Konica Minolta Automotive CRM connects all communication channels and customer data from all data silos, combines it with intuitive sales tools to and provides it to your sales team at their desk, on a mobile phone or within Outlook. The salespersons see up-to-date context and history of the customers and can immediately take proper action. Important milestones are automatically reminded in order not to forget timely communication with the customers. Dashboards and relationship assistant help salespersons to focus on the important activities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Sales is the basis for the complete sales process of vehicle dealers, custom parts are used to make the full match. Native Office 365 integration enables using documents, document management, collaboration and other features. The solution can be extended by integrating with other Dynamics 365, e.g. Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

Microsoft Power Platform

Built on Power Platform, Automotive CRM utilizes the features brought in by Microsoft. The solutions can easily extend further with process automations built in Power Automate, custom application tailored to specific dealers‘ needs built in Power Apps and extended reporting in Power BI for specific executive analytics.

microsoft Azure

The solution was born in Azure and it benefits from scalability and security of the Azure cloud. Implementation of the solution requires no new infrastructure and it offers high availability and from any place. The solution can be infused with advanced intelligence using Azure technologies in fields of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, e.g. for analyzing customer behavior patterns and suggesting next best action.